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Unfinished game for the Myfirstgamejam - I am brand new to rpg maker so this is how far I got.

I had hoped to get the story eventing done but i'm dealing with a lot of health issues and didn't always have the energy to put into this, but i really enjoyed trying out rpgmaker and i've already learned so much.

I haven't done the credits page yet, as you can see, so credits will be below.

Tomoiyu - For all the time they gave to helping me learn

Prescence of Music - For their royalty free jams

RPG Maker VX Ace Lite - I edited their pre-made sprite and used the provided tile sets and sounds.

Published Jan 22, 2017
Made withRPG Maker
TagsPixel Art, RPG Maker

Install instructions

The file called "Game" that's an application, is the correct file to open.


Johnny's Adventure - Gamejam version.exe 179 MB

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