A downloadable game

Unfinished game for the Myfirstgamejam - I am brand new to rpg maker so this is how far I got.

I had hoped to get the story eventing done but i'm dealing with a lot of health issues and didn't always have the energy to put into this, but i really enjoyed trying out rpgmaker and i've already learned so much.

I haven't done the credits page yet, as you can see, so credits will be below.

Tomoiyu - For all the time they gave to helping me learn

Prescence of Music - For their royalty free jams

RPG Maker VX Ace Lite - I edited their pre-made sprite and used the provided tile sets and sounds.

Install instructions

The file called "Game" that's an application, is the correct file to open.


Johnny's Adventure - Gamejam version.exe 179 MB

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